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Don't Beg
Don't Beg

The last time that begging and pestering successfully worked in your favor was most probably with your loving parents, and of course, you had to be really young then. When you grew older, your parents became immune to your begging antics, not to mention that they had already mastered the art of saying ‘no’ to you.

Begging Will Get You Nowhere

The thought of begging never again crossed your mind until the day you broke up with your ex; you let go of your pride and went groveling hoping that she would have pity on you and take you back. Begging only creates problems for both of you in the future and it is better to give up while you are still ahead and is considered to be the bane of all reconciliations.

Your Ex will Think Of You As A Charity Case

In layman’s language, begging is defined as asking for something as a favor or a gift; a good hint as to why begging is one of the worst ways of getting your ex back. Why would you want your ex to do you the favor of taking you back; it makes you look like a pathetic charity case.

If you do succeed and your ex does take you back, they will only be doing so because they either feel sorry for you or because you made them feel guilty. A relationship based on such a shaky foundation is not bound to last and neither of you will appreciate the fact that you both feel obligated to be with each other; in the long run, you will both feel like casualties of the unhealthy relationship.
You Will Always Question Your Partner’s Motives For Taking You Back

After your ex gives in to your pestering, you will always ask yourself why they took you back whether they did it because they care for you and that they cannot picture their life without you or if they did it out of guilt and pity. A person’s confidence can only take so much bruising from pondering on such damaging thoughts and feelings.

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You will never respect or hold your ex in high regard again if you happen to suspect that they took you back out of sheer guilt and pity. It is only logical that you will no longer feel attracted to each other as before especially if you feel that your ex’s feelings for you are not sincere.

You Both Feel Weak And Manipulated

Begging is a sign of weakness for all parties involved; first, you are weak for resorting to begging to win your ex back, secondly, your ex is also weak for accepting to take you back. A strong relationship is built by two equally strong people, never a pair of weaklings.

Once your relationship is built on a weak foundation, there is no chance that it will stand the test of time, and when it crumbles, it is difficult to piece it back together again. Making up a second time is usually a feat in itself, a third time is clearly a death sentence for your relationship.

The Foolproof Solution

Now that it has been established that pestering and begging will never be a lasting solution to getting your ex back, you have to take another effective approach to fulfill your goal. First, you should exude confidence by staying strong, showing your ex what they have been missing since the two of you broke up.

Show them that you are indeed worthy of a second chance and that you are mature enough for a new relationship with them. Give your ex some space and when they feel ready to start something new, take control by delivering on their needs and expectations. Confidence and strength show that you are proactive and that you have taken control of your destiny, not to mention that it makes you look more attractive. Begging is a sign of weakness and by doing the opposite, you remind your ex of the attributes that made them fall in love with you in the first place; your revitalized relationship will be more meaningful and more real than before.

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