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Don't Say You've Changed Show It

Don't Say You've Changed Show It
Don't Say You've Changed Show It

Breakups are one of the most difficult things you’ll experience in life. The pain you will feel will be unbearable to the point where the emotional pain feels like it’s becoming physical. Your heart will hurt

in a way where it seems like everything in your world will crumble. We have all gone through this at least once in our lives and though time really does heal all wounds, the experience of heartbreak will

always somehow scar you for life.


There’s a reason as to why relationships end. It can never just be because there’s no more love and that the happiness is gone. Something is not working out. It could be numerous fights and arguments, promises being broken, continuous nagging, lying, lack of respect, etc. The physical and emotional needs of both people in a relationship need to be met in order for things to work out, otherwise it will all go downhill from there.

But what if you’re the one in the relationship who got dumped?

What if you didn’t even see it coming?

What if you are still in love with your ex-partner?

What if you were not aware of how unhappy he/she was in the relationship because of the things you did? What if you hurt him/her continuously? What if all you want is from him/her to take you back?

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So Many What If’s

When it comes to getting your ex back the important thing to the first is “What went wrong?” Sometimes it is hard to admit that it might be because of the things you did wrong that ended the relationship. The next thing to do is accept that you’ve done wrong and apologize. Before approaching your ex to ask him/her to come back, you must first confront your own monsters.

Did you lie during the relationship? Did you cheat? Were you abusive? Did you not give them the respect they deserved? Are you willing to change all that to save your relationship? It’s too easy to say “I’m sorry.” and sure, you mean it but it’s more to ask for forgiveness.

Saying you’re sorry is one thing but proving it is another. While it is admirable to show your ex that you’ve changed, you must first prove it to yourself. Your ex will sense if you are being genuine or not.

Try to dig deep as to why you have done the bad things in the past that have caused the relationship to end. Why did you lie or cheat or become abusive? Once you’ve found the answer to that, work on yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, then you can’t fully be happy in a relationship. Once you’ve dealt with your own issues, then that’s when you can confidently ask for your ex to give you another chance. Show him/her that you’re no longer going to do the things that brought about the break-up.

Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words

Follow through with all the promises you’ll make. People tend to change for only a short time then go back to their old ways. This would only cause another future to break up.

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