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Are There Emotional Wounds That Won’t Heal?

Are There Emotional Wounds That Won’t Heal?
Are There Emotional Wounds That Won’t Heal?

Any sane person would not want to contemplate divorce, especially if there is a possibility of saving the marriage. However for some the idea of divorce is inevitable and thus requires the individual to be prepared both mentally and physically for the almost always traumatic and upsetting time ahead.


For those who experience profound pain during this period, it may be rather hard to get over this pain for quite some time and this leaves the “injured” party feeling lost and certainly alone.

There is a percentage of people who never recover from the trauma of divorce and this can sometimes lead to bitterness and anger. However with all the various support groups and therapist services available today, the individual going through such an unpleasant experience can now seek the necessary help to make this transition period more manageable and acceptable.

The wounds that would most likely cause a significant percentage of pain that would most likely not heal or in the best of circumstances take a longer time to heal would be the infidelity issue surrounding the basis of the divorce is initiated.

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This sense of betrayal is often very hard to accept and process thus causing deep wounds that are having lasting and long-reaching effects. Another possible explanation for the emotional wound being unable to heal would be the existence of abuse within the wedding perimeter.

The abusive partner can cause long-term damage that is not only traumatizing for the receiving partner but also leaves the parent completely and permanently scarred both mentally and physically.

This kind of trauma is often hard to forget or forgive.

Divorce resulting from a change in one partner’s sexual orientation is also another rather traumatic experience that usually leaves the individuals devastated and unable to comprehend the change.