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Figure Out If You Truly Want Your Ex Back

Figure Out If You Truly Want Your Ex Back
Figure Out If You Truly Want Your Ex Back

Do you remember one of the three essential questions that you asked yourself at the start of this book? Do you still love your ex? You’re probably thinking that if you answer yes to that question it means you get to skip this chapter. But actually, that’s not the case at all. Although relationships are one of the grayer areas of life, that’s not to say there are no right and wrong reasons for getting your ex back.

Time To Think

Some relationships are destined to last and be better the second or third time around. However, there are also relationships which are doomed from the start or are best left and forgotten in the past. In this chapter, you get to figure out if your reasons for wanting to reconcile shall help – or hurt – your chances of getting your ex back.

You Still Love Your Ex

That’s probably the best reason to try getting your ex back. In fact, the outcome is just secondary. What matters right now is that you gave it your best shot. If it still doesn’t work out in the end, you would have

at least saved yourself from tormenting yourself with numerous whatif questions about what more you could have done to have your former partner back in your life.

You Are Guilty About The Past

Guilt can be just as strong of a motivator as love can, but it is not a good reason to get your ex back. If the love is not there, then you just need to learn to live with the guilt until time and forgiveness causes it to fade. Reconciling with a former flame out of guilt will only result in more heartbreak.

You Want To Try Again

It might not be the best reason to get your ex back, but it is not a bad reason either. Love may not be present for one or both sides, but that does not mean you can’t fall in love with each other on the second try. If this is your reason for wanting to get back with your ex, just make sure that you do not offer any false promises about your desire for reconciling. Lies will only muddy the waters between you and your ex, not to mention the fact that dishonesty never makes a reliable foundation for any relationship.

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You Are Guilty About The Present

You did nothing wrong when you broke up. However, you heard about how your ex is faring badly at present, and this makes you feel guilty. That’s understandable, but it’s not a good enough reason to get back with your ex. You need to dig deeper and find out if it is just companionship, an apology, or truly another shot at love that you want to offer.

You Are Lonely

It may not be the worst reason to get your ex back, but it’s certainly one of the worse. Seeking the company of your ex out of loneliness would be a selfish act on your part. Reconciling may be a blessing for you, but what about your ex? Do you think it will make your ex feel good if he or she learns the real reason why you wanted to get back together?

You could have many other reasons, and not all of them may be valid. At the end of the day, you need to listen to both your heart and mind. Is getting your ex back truly the right thing to do, and is it something you truly want?

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