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Difficulties of the first marriage

Difficulties of the first marriage

There are many difficulties when it comes to marriage. The most popular are expectations, intimacy, connection, and money. All of these topics can contribute to a problem. The husband may spend a lot of money on his gambling habits while the wife is upset and just wants him to stop. They need that money for their children.

Another example is for the woman. She is often too busy doing things around the house that she becomes stressed and sex is the last thing on her mind. However, the husband highly values intimacy and without it, he may feel as if he is growing apart from his wife.

You see, it's all the little things that will add up to cause a husband and wife to start arguing. They may be resentful toward one another and not want to work things out with each other. Some may try but sometimes the other person isn't as cooperative as they are. This is

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what makes relationships so difficult. Here are the four difficulties when it comes to marriage:


The wife has such high expectations for you when you get home. She doesn't want you to leave your towel on the floor and also won't let you eat in your own room, out of fear that there will be crumbs on the bed. This doesn't make you thrilled at all. As for you, you expect your wife to always have dinner ready by the time you come home and to look her best. This is all you really care about.


If you've been craving intimacy for a few weeks and your husband is too tired to do anything with you, it is important to understand how he feels. Instead of pressuring him, give him a softback rub that shows you care. He may be under a lot of stress from work. When it comes to intimacy, it works both ways for men and women.


Connecting with your other half is very important. If the two of you have a deep connection, there is no room for divorce or a split up. Most couples who are connected with each other tend to understand one another better. Sympathy and empathy in the relationship go hand in hand. If their partner is sad then they are. Sometimes it may take a few years for a couple to feel truly connected with each other or less than a few months, depending on how long they've been together.


Sadly, financial issues are one of the top reasons for divorce. If the two of you have trouble handling money and bills tend to pile up, the relationship will become strained. It is strained because of the stress that's accumulated during financial hardships.