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survival and marriage in relationships

In order to survive marriage, you would like to understand what your priorities are first. Work should never be your first priority, although your parents might say so otherwise. Your spouse should always come first. After all, they are the person that shares the home with you, cooks meals, makes extra money for your both, helps watch the kids, and be intimate from time to time.
Surviving: There are so many activities to do in marriage and at this age, usually, both people are working. This is what makes the marriage so difficult because men are not used to doing activities that a woman would be doing. for instance, most men refuse to iron their laundry or clean the bathroom. It really isn't something they would do. And forget planting flowers out in the backyard. They won't even go near the flowers.

Men are trained to work hard by their fathers and get a good education to provide for their families. They aren't the ones who can become pregnant and grow close to their chi…

Difficulties of the first marriage

There are many difficulties when it comes to marriage. The most popular are expectations, intimacy, connection, and money. All of these topics can contribute to a problem. The husband may spend a lot of money on his gambling habits while the wife is upset and just wants him to stop. They need that money for their children.

Another example is for the woman. She is often too busy doing things around the house that she becomes stressed and sex is the last thing on her mind. However, the husband highly values intimacy and without it, he may feel as if he is growing apart from his wife.

You see, it's all the little things that will add up to cause a husband and wife to start arguing. They may be resentful toward one another and not want to work things out with each other. Some may try but sometimes the other person isn't as cooperative as they are. This is

what makes relationships so difficult. Here are the four difficulties when it comes to marriage:
Expectations: The wife has su…